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Episode 057 - July 22, 2013 - Why Aren't There More Fantasy Manga? | Fairy Tail Vol. 13

Episode 057
(MP3 | M4A)

Welcome to Manga^3, your one stop for manga news and commentary, for the week of July 22, 2013. This week we ask the question, "Why aren't there more western themed fantasy manga?" In the end it comes down to immersion, and what the writers themselves are most comfortable writing. We also discuss Fairy Tail Vol. 13, the beginning of the Fighting Festival Arc. Warning: Due to certain events in this week's issue, this episode is a bit on the graphic side.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Episode 056 - July 15, 2013 - The Top Five Fathers in Manga | Fairy Tail Vol. 11 - 12

Episode 056
(MP3 | M4A)

Welcome to Manga^3, your one stop for manga news and commentary, for the week of July 15, 2013. This week we celebrate Father's Day a couple weeks late by listing our top five fathers in manga. We finish up the Tower of Heaven arc in Fairy Tail by discussing volumes 11 and 12. If you've ever had a problem with the ending of that arc be sure to listen to this episode, because we go a bit in depth and explain why certain events happen the way they do, and what they really mean.

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Episode 055 - July 8, 2013 - The Top Five Old People in Manga | Fairy Tail Vol. 10

Episode 055
(MP3 | M4A)

Welcome to Manga^3, your one stop for manga news and commentary, for the week of July 8, 2013. This week we talk about a staple of manga, badass old people, and we rank which are the most awesome. We also discuss Fairy Tail Vol. 10 in our continued effort to catch up with this series.

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Episode 054 - July 1, 2013 - The Portrayal of Overweight People in Manga | Fairy Tail Vol. 9

Episode 054
(MP3 | M4A)

Welcome to Manga^3, your one stop for manga news and commentary, for the week of July 1, 2013. This week we discuss the portrayal of overweight individuals in manga, is it good? Is it bad? And why exactly are things the way they are? We also continue our discussion of Fairy Tail, this week with volume nine.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Manga Reviews: Fairy Tail Volume 9

The Story
In the aftermath of the war against Phantom Lord, Fairy Tail is investigated by the government. They are found innocent, but remain under heavy scrutiny by the magic council. While the guild is being rebuilt, Lucy slips away to confront her father about his actions against her guild.

With everything wrapped up the team is able to start going on jobs again, in a one off chapter they put on a play for a failing theater house, and in another Lucy finds herself embroiled in the mystery of Loke's past.

The Review
While volume eight was all about action with a little bit of comedy, volume nine has little action, and rather focuses on the aftermath of the previous arc and comedy. It's important because it gives readers a chance to breath in between the larger arcs. I was a bit surprised, however, that we only really get one single chapter story before moving on to another multi-chapter story. Granted there's no big bad to defeat in Loke's story, but it's still an important character moment for him, much like how the last two arcs had been important character moments for Lucy and Gray.

The followup to any action packed story is the most crucial part of any manga. Most readers will stick around if the action is really good, but the chances of keeping readers is increased when the non-action chapters are well done. And in this case we not only get to see the beginning of Juvia stalking Gray, we also get what I consider the funniest bit of comedy in the entire series.

In regards to Juvia, while stalkers are a serious matter, and I could see why some would use her behavior this volume against her, I can't help but just be entertained. It's cute and funny, and I really can't ask for more out of a breather chapter.

The Frederick and Yanderica story is by far the funniest thing to come out of Fairy Tail. Even after multiple rereads I find myself chuckling and even laughing out loud.

Loke's story, which takes up exactly half the volume, wasn't my favorite story the first time I read it. I confess that at the time I was a bit of a shipper, and seeing Lucy spending so much time with a character that wasn't who I shipped her with annoyed me. But, that would be a silly way to judge a story, so instead I'm glad that I have since locked my inner shipper deep away and can approach this from a rational standpoint.

After this reread I must say that I enjoyed Loke's story a lot more than I did initially. What strikes me most is how it gives Loke his own little arc, without there being some kind of demon from his past to defeat, something that Mashima has done quite literally in previous arcs. In Loke's case his big bad is his own sense of guilt, and rather than defeating this demon through brute force that acts as a metaphor for friendship, in this case Loke is literally saved by the power of friendship.

Though, I will always be wondering what exactly Karen had Aries do for those men. I most definitely know what I thought back when I first read this story-I was reading a lot more of the pulpy seinen variety of manga back then and my mind kept jumping to the worst assumptions-and it certainly contributed to why I didn't like this story at first. Since then I've actually gotten a bead on what Mashima's writing style is, and I think I can definitely say that he didn't intend for us to assume the worst. Or at least I hope he didn't. Otherwise I might start hating this story again.

Nonetheless, I highly recommend this volume not only as a followup to the last volume, but for the comedy and a rather well written bit of back story for a character that had until this point been mostly incidental.

The Grade


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Manga Reviews: Fairy Tail Volume 8

The Story
Fairy Tail is in dire straits as their guild is destroyed by Phantom Lord. Even though they've managed to defeat all the Element Four, Natsu and his friends are still faced by Gajeel and the master of Phantom Lord, Jose.

With all enemies, even the formidable Gajeel, taken out, Erza is the only one standing before Jose. That is, until Makarov's miraculous recovery.

The Review
The nice thing about this volume is that not only is it more or less the end of an arc so I can discuss the storyline as a whole, but it's also clearly divided into several different fights, which allows me to separate my review into digestible pieces. Say what you will about shonen action series, they can make for some pretty easy reviews. Unless of course one wants to actually sound intelligent during the discussion of said manga. Which is what I hope to do, so please, let me know in the comments how well I succeed in that aspect.

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Episode 053 - June 24, 2013 - The Top Five Manga We Want Licensed | Fairy Tail Vol. 8

Episode 053
(MP3 | M4A)

Welcome to Manga^3, your one stop for manga news and commentary, for the week of June 24, 2013. This week we discuss manga series we've read through certain..."clandestine" means and would really love to put down some cold hard cash for. We also continue our discussion of Fairy Tail with a review of volume eight of the manga.

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Episode 052 - June 17, 2013 - The Top Five Sexiest Manga Characters | Fairy Tail Vol. 7

Episode 052
(MP3 | M4A)

Welcome to Manga^3, your one stop for manga news and commentary, for the week of June 17, 2013. This week we indulge in a bit of fun and discuss which are our top five favorite sexy manga characters. We also discuss volume seven of Fairy Tail. For now the MP3 is not available due to technical difficulties. I'm working to resolve it.

Manga Reviews: Fairy Tail Volume 7

The Story
After the attack on Phantom Lord ends in disaster, Makarov is left near death, his magic power drained. Natsu discovers that Lucy has been kidnapped, and rushes off to save her. He arrives just in time to save her from her own escape attempt. After the insult Lucy serves Master Jose, Phantom Lord's guild building attacks, turning into a giant transformer capable of using a powerful magical cannon and the Abyss Break spell.

Natsu, Elfman, and Gray infiltrate the guild to take it down from the inside. There they confront and take down two of the Element Four, while Gray's battle against Juvia begins.

The Review
This arc marks a high point in this series for me. It was the first really big arc that had consequences that stretched beyond any individual job. Up to this point the aftermath of any given arc was contained to that arc alone. But in this case, with the near complete destruction of the guild the fallout cannot be contained to this arc alone. For many long running shonen action and adventure series that focus on an arc by arc structure the tendency to keep elements of each arc contained to said arc is fairly common. I'd say this is the moment where Fairy Tail's willingness to work outside the initial constraints work to make it one of the more worth while long running series.

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Episode 051 - June 10, 2013 - Why Doesn't Oda Kill Characters? | Bakuman Vol. 1

Episode 051
(MP3 | M4A)

Welcome to Manga^3, your one stop for manga news and commentary, for the week of June 10, 2013. This week we discuss why exactly Eiichiro Oda never kills any of his characters. We can't really know in the end, but I think we get close to a general idea of what his reasoning could be. We also discuss the first volume of Bakuman, easily one of my favorite shonen series around. Prior evidence aside.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anime Reviews: Toriko Episode 102 - Toriko Finally Defeated?! The Delicate and Dynamic Power of Honoring the Food!

 photo TorikoEpisode102TitleCard_zpsf7851bff.png

The Story
Shu shows Toriko the Bubble Fruit in the courtyard, but Toriko's hunter's instincts disturb the fruit and cause it to pop. Shu has Toriko fight him to demonstrate what honoring the food can do even with very little energy. Toriko is worn down and unable to defeat the much weaker Shu. Shu then demonstrates how honoring food can help Komatsu by defeating him in a cabbage shredding competition.

 photo Komatsu_zpsfec151f1.png

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Episode 050 - June 3, 2013 - When the Main Characters Sucks! | Toriko Vol. 6

Episode 050
(MP3 | M4A)

Welcome to Manga^3, your one stop for manga news and commentary, for the week of June 3, 2013. This week we celebrate our fiftieth episode. It's amazing that we've managed to come this far at an almost perfectly consistent weekly release rate. Sure early on we had some weeks where we couldn't make it and had to do a double episode the following week. But for the most part we've been doing this completely consistently. This week we get to talk about what happens when the main character sucks, and how it can be fixed. We also discuss Toriko Vol. 6.

Anime Reviews: Toriko Episode 101 - People Without Gratitude Aren't Welcome! Terrifying Chowlin Temple!

 photo TorikoEpisode101TitleCard_zpsb0eb0e72.png

The Story
Toriko and Komatsu learn about the vanishing forest disappearing when faced with threats. They reach the temple and discover that it is more violent than the forest, attacking those it feels aren't honoring the food. Criminals are brought here to be taught how to honor the food and rehabilitated. Chin Chin-Chin tells them they will learn from the assisstant instructor Shu.

 photo Chin_zps65fa17cc.png

Monday, June 3, 2013

Anime Reviews: Toriko Episode 100 - Put Your Hands Together and Bow! National Treasure, Chin-Chin, Appears!

 photo TorikoEpisode100TitleCard_zps83e43174.png

The Story
Toriko and follow the fortune roll where it falls, into the vanishing forest. However, before they reach their destination, they find that the roll has been broken where a huge chunk of the forest has been scooped out. They chase who they think is the thief to the ten star Vanishing Japanese Cuisine Restaurant. When they try to enter it disappears, but a voice tells them to clap their hands together and bow. The restaurant reappears and the owner Chiru serves them a meal. But the ingredients are so delicate that they are barely able to eat any of them. After their meal the only other customer in the restaurant, and the one that helped them enter in the first place, reveals himself to be the master of Chowlin Temple, Master Chin Chin-Chin.

 photo ChinChin-Chin_zps63f52042.png

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Graphic Novel Reviews: Justice League of America 004

The Story
The JLA tracks down Catwoman and the Secret Society's location and break in. Meanwhile Catwoman breaks free from her restraints but is recaptured. The leader of the society, a very Joker-esque looking fellow, puts a gun to her head and shoots her. In the backup Martian Manhunter remembers the event that lead to the death of his whole people.

The Review
It's been said before, but it needs to be said again. If you're a fan of Catwoman you need to be reading this book. I won't say this is the best she's ever been written, but considering her own series right now I will say it's the best she's been written in a long time. Though I do find that her constantly name-dropping Batman is a bit odd. It's almost like the readers need to be reminded that she was a supporting character of Batman's. Which I suppose works for new readers, but for literally everyone else we don't particularly need the reminder. Though I did enjoy seeing how in this issue trying to use Batman's name backfired on her.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Graphic Novel Reviews: Li'l Gotham 002

The Story
In the first story Batman and Nightwing stop Mr Freeze from kidnapping a children's choir. In the second story Catwoman vows to turn over a new leaf for the new year. But a surprise visit from Harley and Ivy test her resolution.

The Review
The first thing that strikes me about this print version of the digital first Li'l Gotham is how well the pages are put together. In the digital release half a page of the printed edition is a full page in the digital chapters. I was afraid it wouldn't go well together when put into a full page, that there would be a clear line through the middle of each page. Fortunately the folks at DC are in fact professional picture people and know how to make this book look good.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Graphic Novel Reviews: Talon 008

The Story
Casey and Sarah are captured by the Court. When Calvin is brought back to life they are used to force him to do the Court's bidding. The first task they send him on is taking out the Talon currently allied with the Birds of Prey.

The Review
There's a strange realm where plot events are predictable but still satisfying. This issue falls into that realm. I think the main reason I'm not pulling out the, "Psha! I called that months ago!" card is because I'm genuinely interested to see what happens next. It's a big shift from the status quo of the book, and where we go from here will be very intersting. I'm not a fan that I'll have to buy Birds of Prey to get the next part, but I will do it just so I can see Calvin playing the role of the villain. That last page has me really excited to see what happens next. I don't usually put much importance in the whole "I want to see these characters fight" mentality. But I really, really want to see him fight the Birds of Prey.

Graphic Novel Reviews: The Dark Knight 020

The Story
Batman investigates the murders while Natalya is kidnapped by the Mad Hatter. Despite his conviction that she was perfect, after Natalya leaves a large scar on his face he decides she is not his Alice and must be disposed of. Batman realizes that Natalya has been taken and races to find her. But he is too late and the Mad Hatter throws her out a helicopter to die on the bat signal.

The Review
I could be very, very sarcastic during this review. In fact last week that was my gut reaction. Since then I've had time to cool down, realize there were more important things in life than bad comic books. But, I imagine as I get back into the books coming out this week I'll find a couple of stinkers to ruin my mood.

I don't think anyone is surprised at Natalya's death. People that haven't read any Batman books before couldn't possibly be surprised by her ultimate fate. Batman has kept his secret identity for a long time, that doesn't happen when every girl he ever revealed his secret to managed to survive their respective story.

Episode 049 - May 27, 2013 - Why Hiramaru and Aoki's Relationship Sucked | Toriko Vol. 5

Welcome to Manga^3, your one stop for manga news and commentary, for the week of May 27, 2013. This week Moe doesn't get to do much talking for the first half because I'm too busy ranting about how much I hate the relationship between Hiramaru and Aoki in Bakuman. Think I'm crazy? Agree with me? Listen to this week's episode and find out why exactly I believe that. We also talk about Toriko Vol. 5.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Episode 048 - May 20, 2013 - Moms in Manga | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Phantom Blood

Welcome to Manga^3, your one stop for manga news and commentary, for the week of May 20, 2013. This week we talk about something we probably should have talked about last week, namely, Mom's in manga. We don't really have any kind of thesis statement going into this, we mostly just list off the moms from manga we do know, what they do, and try to figure out the general trends for how they are portrayed in manga. We also take a look at part one of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Anime Reviews: Toriko Episode 099 - Too Huge! The Giant Fortune Roll, Completed With a Pro Wrestling Move!

 photo TorikoEpisode99TitleCard_zps6ad03e92.png

The Story
Toriko and Komatsu go to get some special seaweed, called eco nori, a kind of seaweed found only in one special place. They travel to the lands of Aimaru and his Gourmet Knights, who then take them to Eco Village, where the seaweed turns out to be the out layer of a certain kind of tortoise. After Toriko charges all the solar batteries for the tortoises, they return to Monchi with the seaweed. He then creatures the fortune roll, by wrestling the ingredients into submission.

 photo MadamFish_zps4449d72d.png

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Graphic Novel Reviews: Batman Li'l Gotham 001

The Story
In the first story Batman explains halloween to Damian. The two run into the rogue's gallery enjoying a holiday meal at a restaurant. And in respect of the holiday Batman lets them finish their meals before the police storm the restaurant.

In the second story the Penguin attacks a thanksgiving parade, protesting against the wholesale consumption of turkeys during the holidays. Batman and Robin take him down and then return to Wayne manor to enjoy thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the family.

The Review
I often have trouble reviewing books that I like. Generally I end up saying a long winded version of, "Yeah, it was good." But every once in a while there comes a series that while I initially don't have much to say, as each new chapter comes out I find myself with more and more to say. One such series is Batman Li'l Gotham. This newish series by Dusting Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs has been coming out as a digital first with new chapters being published as they coincide with major holidays.

Graphic Novel Reviews: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 007

The Story
Nightmare Rarity and her shadow creatures overpower the ponies, while Luna is sent back to help Ponyville prepare for the upcoming invasion. The Mane Six are locked up, with only Spike left free. He sneaks into the castle, but is caught in an illusion of Nightmare Rarity's. He manages to see through the deception, but is unable to fight back against the corrupted Rarity. Now all that's left are the ponies on earth. And only one issue left to go in this story.

The Review
There's something about fart jokes that, no matter how innocuous or how only one is used in an entire issue, the simple fact that one was made lowers the esteem many readers have for the entire work. I don't really take it into account when considering my grade for this issue, but it did give me pause when I read it. "Really?" I thought, "We're going there?"

Graphic Novel Reviews: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 002

The Story
Teela reveals that she does not recognize Adora for being Adam's sister, but because she was apparently an imaginary friend of hers. Or so she thought. They fight, but ultimately have to retreat when Adora's forces start butchering civilians to force a surrender. What is left of the royal forces and the Masters of the Universe convene at Castle Grayskull. King Randor explains that their enemies are the forces of Hordak, though none of his people believe that they are being attacked by an old legend.

Adora's forces discover where the remnants of the resistance are gathering and orders surveillance on the old castle. She sends a projection of herself as an emissary, to order their surrender, but the Masters of the Universe refuse.

Graphic Novel Reviews: Batgirl 020

The Story
Nine years ago a bullied girl poisoned a bunch of her classmates at a birthday party and stole a ventriloquist's dummy. Back in the present Barbara visits her psychologist and tells her most of what happened the previous night. Though it is a little confusing as to what she actually tells her and what she keeps secret. She gets into a fight with the girl from the first two pages, who has grown up and now has some what seem to be some kind of telekinetic control over her dummy and other objects.

Barbara remembers the license plates of every car in the parking lot, and runs off to trace which car the Ventriloquist took. Back by the docks Jim Gordon declares that Batgirl will pay, showing a lot more concern for the sociopath of a son than he ever showed before.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Graphic Novel Reviews: Catwoman 020

Warning: The reviewer was driven momentarily insane by the contents of this book. What follows is the sum of all his vitriol. Take it with a grain of salt, since he has some bias of his own, but yes, the book was just about that bad.

The Story
I'm not even going to try to and summarize what happens in this book. Does it fit in with what is happening in Justice League of America? Absolutely not, but why bother complaining about it, clearly nobody actually creating these books cares about continuity.

The Review
I've been hanging onto this series for a while. At first it was because I wanted to have all the issues. I was waiting for things to get better. But clearly that's not going to happen. Instead we'll continue to get this mess of terrible characterization, awful continuity, shoddy art work, and just plain worthlessness. I was hoping that things would get better. I continued to review this series because bad reviews are entertaining. But enough is enough. This is the book that caused me to drop this series. It's not worth my money, and the reviews for this series just don't get enough views to make it worth the three bucks I spend on this series. Apparently Justice League of America is the only series I can count on for characterization of Catwoman that isn't awful. And if what I've been hearing about the future of that series is true then I'm going to be sorely tempted to drop it too.

Graphic Novel Reviews: Nightwing 020

The Story
Dick arrives at his apartment, only to find that the previous tenant is still occupying it. After a brief misunderstanding he goes to get some rest in his other roommate's room. The police find alderman Laine, whose arm has been bitten off by the wolf. When Dick finally wakes up he gets a message from Johnny Spade. The mayor and Tony Zucco have a scene together, with Zucco coming across as more of a scared innocent than a hardened criminal.

Nightwing plays Spade in a game of cards for the information he wants. Spade tells him that while the other avenues were a dead end, the Prankster might know more. Nightwing interrupts Prankster during one of his ironic traps, but ends up with his HUD deactivated and trapped in a glass box where the only way to get out is to take off his mask so he can see.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Episode 047 - May 13, 2013 - Gender Roles in Manga | Wandering Son

Welcome to Manga^3, your one stop for manga news and commentary, for the week of May 13, 2013. This week we're joined by Ed Sizemore, host of Manga Outloud and writer for Comics Worth Reading, who has come out of his manga reviewing hiatus to discuss how genders are portrayed in manga, with an emphasis on women. We also discuss a series everyone should be reading, Wandering Son. If you haven't read it yet, you should, I'll provide a handy link for you at the bottom of this entry. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Graphic Novel Reviews: Batman 020

The Story
Clayface throws Bruce into a trash compactor, where he is keeping Lucius Fox. The two break out of the compactor with a familiar looking prototype suit. Batman sets a trap for Clayface, who has been going on a rampage. But he is overpowered by the villain, who touches him and reveals that Bruce Wayne is Batman. But once Clayface is captured, Batman reveals that he had a thin membrane with Bruce Wayne's DNA over his mouth. Clayface taunts Batman about how Wayne ignored his son, to which Batman reacts violently. Back in the Bat Cave Batman tells Alfred that he won't lose himself like he did when Jason died, but he isn't ready to let Damian go just yet. Alfred joins him in watching the footage from the cowl.

The Review
I've been putting this review off for the past few days. Not because it's bad and I'm trying to find a way to word my disappointment in a way that won't get me kicked out of Batman fandom. But because it's good. Really, really good. And I can't think of anything interesting to say!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Graphic Novel Reviews: Justice League of America 003

The Plot

The JLA fight against the robot duplicates of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Vibe is able to disable the machines with his vibrations. Later it is decided that Catwoman will infiltrate the secret society by making a lot of noise about knowing about their existence, with the hope that they will come to her. Their hopes are answered as Catwoman is accosted by two members of the society and kidnapped.

Graphic Novel Reviews: Batman and Red Hood 020

The Story
Carrie Kelley confronts Bruce about Damian's disappearance. He tells her that Damian is studying overseas. Later, Batman takes Red Hood to Africa to attack a compound of international assassins, some of whose members answered Talia's hit on Damian's head. When he takes Red Hood to the where the Joker beat Jason to death, Red Hood flips and the two fight. Jason leaves, his trust in Bruce shattered again. Elsewhere, Two Face, gun in hand, flips a coin, but seems discontent with the result it gives him. 

The Review
I really enjoyed seeing Bruce and Jason make up in Red Hood and the Outlaws. Out of the whole disaster of Death of the Family this was the one relationship that was salvaged. Too bad it didn't last very long. I hope that it doesn't take several years again to patch it all back up, but this certainly does explain why Jason decided to have his memories erased in last month's issue of his own book.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Special 002 - May 6, 2013 - Where the $%#! Is My Manga!? - A Discussion of Golden Week | Toriko Vol. 4

Welcome to Manga^3, your one stop for manga news and commentary, for the week of May 6, 2013. This week we don't have any new shonen jump chapters, so we're doing a bit of a special episode. We could take a week off, but we won't, because we know how you just can't do without the dulcet tones of our voices. We also talk about volume four of Toriko.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Anime Reviews: Toriko Episode 098 - Toriko Faints in Agony! Capture the World's Stinkiest Ingredient!

 photo TorikoEpisode098TitleCard_zps418ab699.png

The Story
Toriko and Komatsu go to the Heavy Drinker Archipelago, to get the vinegar they need to make the fortune role. While there they come across many natural occurrences of alcohol and snacks that go well with alcohol. They meet Knocking Master Jiro, who Toriko thanks for helping him out in the Gourmet World.

 photo DrunkenMasterJiro_zpsda29d03c.png

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Graphic Novel Reviews: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Micro-Series Featuring Rarity

The Story
After a stressful fashion show, Rarity's friends decide to send her on a spa vacation to give her a chance to unwind before the big show in Canterlot. Flax and What's New Age All-Natural Wellness Center turns out to not be what she expected. Every day is hard work and frustration, the only thing keeping Rarity from leaving after the first day is the small gifts of beauty products she receives at the end of the day. After a couple days, however, Rarity has had enough and intends to leave. She learns about Flax and Wheat's financial troubles, and about their business creating all-natural beauty products. With her entrepreneurship Rarity is able to help them rebrand, increase production and prices, and sell their products in Canterlot.

In a two page side story we learn the story of Hayseed, a minor character from one episode of the show.

Graphic Novel Reviews: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Issue 006

The Story
Twilight and friends, along with Princesses Luna and Celestia, use their combined magic to lasso the moon closer and climb up the rope. Once there they are confronted by the shadowy essence that corrupted Luna and turned her into Nightmare Moon. They are all faced by their worst nightmares, but are able to break free when they discover what has happened to Rarity.

The Review
I really need to get better at reviewing books that I like. It's easy finding things to complain about, but without any kind of negative counterpoint I find myself at a loss for positive things to say. That, in my roundabout way, means that I liked this issue too much to complain about it. Which leaves my review in danger of being completely unentertaining. But we shall prevail, and somehow a review about this will be written.

Graphic Novel Reviews: Worlds' Finest 012

The Story
Power Girl and Huntress fight Desaad, but discover that he has only revealed his true form to them. To everyone else it looks like two women randomly attacked Michael Holt. The two make their escape, and the scene shifts to Huntress fighting Yakuza a few months prior. Back in the present, things have not been going well for Starr Industries, and the problem escalates as Karen's aid reports that the Cambridge Lab has exploded. While Power Girl and Huntress deal with the catastrophe, Desaad attacks Karen's facility, leaving none alive. When they return to the scene, Karen laments how she made them all targets, and she and Helena decide to go under cover and finish Desaad on their own.

Graphic Novel Reviews: Detective Comics 020

The Story
Batman discovers that Ogilvy has been behind everything and goes to face him. But the mutagen enhanced Ogilvy makes short work of Batman. Thanks to a rescue by Penguin, Batman is given a chance at a rematch and he takes the crime boss down. In Blackgate Ogilvy takes out "The Boss" and further enhances his reputation.

The Review
Well, this was a disappointment. I'd been enjoying the Emperor Penguin story quite a bit, he had the makings of being a long term antagonist for Batman. But instead of that happening, Ogilvy is taken out in a single issue, and his final plan isn't even close to interesting.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Episode 046 - April 29, 2013 - Manga Endings | Medaka Box

Welcome to Manga^3, your one stop for manga news and commentary, for the week of April 29, 2013. This week we talk about something we've been overlooking for a while—Manga Endings. Coincidentally, we also talk about a manga that just ended—Medaka Box! Weirdness abounds. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Graphic Novel Reviews: Talon 007

The Story
Calvin manages to escape from the court, while at the same time Casey traps Sebastian and escapes with her daughter. While Calvin is trying to make it back to their safe house, he is intercepted by Batman. He manages to escape, but when he confronts Sebastian, the old man not only confirms that he was the one who selected Calvin to be the Talon, he is also working together with Bane. Bane grabs Calvin by the neck and snaps it with one hand.

Graphic Novel Reviews: Batman - The Dark Knight 019

The Story
The Mad Hatter spies Batman dropping off his current girlfriend, and realizes that she is perfect to play the role of Alice. He runs his slaves through the reenactment of that perfect date, and after the rehearsal is over he murders them all and dumps them in a lake for Batman and Gordon to find. In the meanwhile, Bruce wonders if what he's feeling for expendable #1 is in fact love.

The Review
I apologize in advance for sounding like a lunatic in this review.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Episode 045 - April 22, 2013 - The Naruto Conundrum: Why Do People Like Side Characters More? | Cooking Papa

Welcome to Manga^3, your one stop for manga news and commentary, for the week of April 22, 2013. This week we talk about one of the oddities of manga. Why exactly do people like side characters more than the main characters? The answer to that one may be obvious, but we go into more depth anyway. We also check out one of the many, many cooking manga and the fourth running manga series by volume count. We've only read nine chapters. 

Anime Reviews: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 2012 - Part I - Phantom Blood

Part I - Phantom Blood - Episodes 3–9

The Story
When Dio returns back to the mansion after his encounter with a creature he unknowingly created, Jonathan is there waiting for him. After Jonathan’s investigations all point out Dio as the one responsible for making George Joestar ill, Dio turns to his final resort by doing what he did earlier to himself: using the stone mask and George Joestar’s blood to become a creature of the night: a vampire.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Anime Reviews: Attack on Titan Episode 002 - That Day

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The Story
The episode begins with an explanation of the titans, how they appeared over a hundred years ago and began preying on humanity. In retaliation, humans built three walls to keep the titans out. With the wall breached the titans are eating everyone in Zhiganshina, a small protrusion from the wall meant to focus the attack of titans on that small area, to simplify the defense of the wall.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Anime Reviews: Attack on Titan Episode 001 - To You Two Thousand Years Later

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The Story
Humanity is kept safe by fifty foot tall walls, until the day when a titan larger than the walls themselves shows itself over the top of the walls. But before that, we skip to earlier, while the survey corps are attacking a smaller titan. Cut even earlier, to a fractured dream the main character, Eren, is having. Him and his friend, Mikasa, head back to the city from gathering firewood. While on the way back they notice the guards are drinking. Eren gets mad at one of the guards, Hannes, for not being prepared to defend the city. The guards say that no titan has breached the wall in a hundred years.

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