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Anime Reviews: Medaka Box Episode 10 - I will not forgive you!!

The Plot Summary:

Unzen gets a call from Yobuko and learns that she, Yoshinogari (the one with the claws I assume), Kunisaki (the one with the pink bicycle I assume), and the Disciplinary Committee Vanguard members plus backup have all failed their task. Unzen tells Yobuko that she should back out as he warns her about Medaka striking back but Yobuko tells Unzen that Medaka is not at all a pacifist and relays to him what Zenkichi had told her.

It's okay guys, she was just better than you.
Zenkichi told her that Medaka was not trying to save him, Akune, and Kikaijima but that it was Yobuko, Yoshinogari, and Kunisaki that she was trying to save. Had any of the three been harmed, their attackers would have been harmed just as much back in return. Yobuko buys this but she believes it is a bluff and tells Unzen that none of the Disciplinary Committee members were hurt in the attacks. Yobuko continues to tell Unzen that Medaka is not the type to retaliate when attacked which causes him to crush his smartphone. Completely loathing at the thought that Medaka was trying to save both allies and enemies, Unzen decides to go and deal with the Student Council himself all by himself.

Medaka reveals what caused all of those holes to be something called the Super Ball. She explains that they are capable of bouncing all over the place and believes it is Unzen’s weapon of choice. Unzen appears in the Student Council office and confirms that is what he uses but that his are different from the regular kind. He tells Medaka that she and he are opposites of the same coin, saying that they are both monsters and that one loves humans while the other loathes them. Zenkichi suspects that something is wrong with Unzen coming to just talk with Medaka. Medaka soon realizes that the Super Balls are not just Super Balls but custom-made explosives. Medaka does exactly what Unzen expected her to do: ask him to stop but he sets off the explosions before she could finish.

Unzen surveys the damage done to the Student Council office and finds that he has failed: One of his explosives failed to explode as Unzen realizes that Medaka has splashed water on not just it but many others. He finds that she had broken the window shortly before the explosives went off and to his dismay, finds that all of the Student Council members are all unharmed, save for Medaka. Medaka tells him that she had used the rug to wrap Zenkichi, Akune, and Kikaijima up to protect them from the shockwave of the blasts. Unzen comes to realize that Medaka is not at all a sane person and mocks her.

With that face, I don't believe you.
It is then that Medaka snaps and all hell breaks loose. She tells him she will not forgive him. The force of her words causes Unzen to feel fear for a moment. Medaka tells him that the ideals he keeps saying that she believes in are false and that she is merely only trying to do what she believes is right but she would never let any ideals, if she did have any, put the lives of her friends in danger. Akune tells Zenkichi that Medaka’s transformation is just like what happened back in their first year of middle school. Unzen moves to attack Medaka who punches him straight through the building. Medaka sees Unzen has survived the attack due to his uniform’s special properties and is thrilled to deliver more to him.

The Review:

Medaka's transformation is the turning point of the series and it was a thrilling way to end it with the stakes raised high for both her and Unzen. Her quick reaction to the explosives is inhuman enough that Unzen was shocked by it. She is clearly a different person having given into her rage.

While the fight came at the near end of the episode (just that one punch from Medaka sent Unzen straight through the school building), the execution of it was great. The fight starts in the next episode however as all of this is just build-up to it.

Zenkichi and Akune talking about how Medaka had transformed three years prior to the current situation is something to keep a mind on. They act as if it is nothing new. This episode has proved that Medaka is not just some perfect being...or is she?

Next episode:

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