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Anime Reviews: Medaka Box Episode 04 - Make your choice!! / If you're going to make a wish...

Plot Summary
Zenkichi and Akune begin their duel to decide each of their fates. Medaka, Nabeshima, and the rest of the judo club members watch as Akune flawlessly defeats Zenkichi each time.  Eventually Medaka is fed up with Zenkichi losing and pleads with him to win. That moment of support is all Zenkichi needed to get a point on Akune who decided to concede defeat. The judo club team’s new captain ends up being Jounan. Zenkichi comes to the student council the next day to find Akune has become the Secretary.

So much sparkling.

The student council is met up by Yatsushiro, a third-year tough girl whose request is to write a love letter. Medaka assigns Akune the request as his first to fulfill. Akune decides to do the writing for Yatsushiro. He is reprimanded by Medaka telling him that it is about feelings and that he cannot write the letter for Yatsushiro. Moved by her words, Akune gets serious and teaches Yatsushiro how to perfect her writing for an entire week. Yatsushiro goes through with her love letter and Akune gets a thank you from Medaka.

My Opinion
The first half of the episode made me root for Zenkichi but at the end, I had to sympathize with Akune. Nabeshima may be the Judo Trickster but she did have a heart in letting Akune go to fulfill his dream.

The duel was emotion-driven. Zenkichi needed to win to keep his job while Akune needed to win to replace him. It was not until after so many takedowns that Zenkichi received support from Medaka in what I will say is the reason I just cannot lose my heart for this series. Emotion-driven or not, Zenkichi is mostly driven out of his need to protect Medaka. Not only that, having a girl you like cry over you is something I would never want. So I take what I said back, I'll continue to root for Zenkichi.

Can't resist the cuteness.

The second half dealt with hardwork and dedication will pay off. Someone like Yatsushiro should not rely on someone else to write her love letter for her. I wholely agree with what Medaka has said about writing a letter is about feelings, not words. Yatsushiro may have written a bad love letter with her choice of words but it is her feelings that count and if she is able to convey them to the boy she loves, that will be all that matters. The second minisode also helped get Akune out of his “Mr. Perfect” phase which I am glad for.

This applies to everything.

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