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Anime Reviews: Medaka Box Episode 08 - I will crush Kurokami Medaka!!

Plot Summary
This episode starts off with the guys in the Student Council getting reprimanded for violating the school dress code. Onigase Harigane also known as the Handcuff Knuckle, a member of the Disciplinary Committee (DisCom) manages to get Zenkichi, Akune, and Kikaijima to get changed into proper school uniforms.

When she tries to do the same to Medaka, Medaka bluntly states she will not change her uniform. Crushed by this, Onigase storms out of the Student Council office to return back to the Disciplinary Committee office.

On her way back, Zenkichi stops her and tells her he will try get Medaka to change her uniform yet Onigase decides to use the suggestion box to implement her evil plan. Onigase leads Medaka out to a very dirty pool and makes up a lie about how a suggestion made its way to the Disciplinary Committee by accident and that she wanted to tell Medaka about it so they could mend the bonds between the Student Council and Disciplinary Committee.

When Medaka dives into the pool without changing out of her clothes, Onigase asks Medaka why is she risking ruining her clothes in the dirty pool. Medaka tells her that they are just clothes and there is nothing to worry about. She asks Onigase what she is supposed to be searching for as Onigase jumps into the pool and tells her the truth.

After reconciling with Medaka, Onigase find Shiranui and Zenkichi and tries to punish Shiranui for eating donuts which Shiranui “flawlessly” denies. Onigase tries to cuff Shiranui who is defended by Zenkichi. Being the cruel devil she is, Shiranui pushes Zenkichi at Onigase, knocking them both down. After that, she flees the scene and leaves Zenkichi and Onigase in handcuffs. Zenkichi finds out that Onigase does not carry the key to the handcuffs as they are forced to walk around the school together to the Disciplinary Committee as the other students enjoy seeing them with their predicament.

Curse you, Shiranui.
Along the way, they run into Medaka who ends up handcuffing herself to Zenkichi. Onigase still suspects Medaka but then the three run into trouble: The Metalwood Duo but they were quickly defeated by Medaka and Zenkichi.

After witnessing Medaka’s power, Onigase asks Medaka to break them out of the handcuffs. Having heard about the report from Onigase, Disciplinary Committee Chairman Unzen Myouri sets out to make life harder for the Student Council.

My Opinion
If there was any indication of the series changing things up, this episode would be the preamble to things to come. 

Onigase was a particularly fun character despite her character coming off as strict. Seeing her try to change Medaka and the others was amusing to say the least. Shiranui provided great comedy with the short time she had. The Metalwood Duo guys felt like cannon fodder but with the way they were quickly taken out, I sort of have to pity them. Seeing Zenkichi, Onigase, and Medaka handcuffed together was fun.

Also, seeing Zenkichi, Akune, and Kikaijima in their own styles was great. I loved the bits with Kikaijima the most. The episode felt like another one of those "Student Council gets a request and they go out to fulfill it" without getting a suggestion. Aside from the fake one that Onigase made. 


Unzen appearing at the end has got me hooked now. It appears things are about to start getting real crazy.

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