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Anime Reviews: Medaka Box Episode 07 - Does Everyone Do This? // My own tune!!

Plot Summary
Kikaijima is trying to make a friend in the Student Council after becoming Treasurer. She and Zenkichi are left behind to watch over things while Medaka and Akune go off to handle some requests together. Both Zenkichi and Kikaijima are unable to start and continue a conversation. This leads to some hilarious moments. Kikaijima makes Zenkichi pay for the few acts that have happened between them.

How to not compliment a girl.
Shiranui happens to come in when she sensed Zenkichi needed help. She shows off the hundreds of pictures that she took of Medaka kissing Kikaijima at the Inter-Club Aquatic Meet. Kikaijima manages to stop her from sending the photos off to be distributed.

She remembers the day Medaka met up with her and chose her as the Treasurer. Wanting to follow Medaka’s example, she decides to kiss Zenkichi. Medaka and Akune arrive back just in time to catch Zenkichi trying to hold off Kikaijima from trying to do something very awkward that they'd both regret.

It's not what you thought it was.
Yubaru is an artist from Team Special and what he wants is the ideal model to paint. First up is Medaka who he deemed to be a goddess but says that his art cannot convey her true beauty.

I have to agree with him on this.
The next ones are Isahaya from the track team and Nabeshima who Yubaru says are both too scary to paint.
They don't seem so scary.
The fourth choice is Kikaijima who refuses at first but when offered money, changes her mind quickly only to have her morale quickly deflated once Yubaru crushed her spirits.

The last resorts were Zenkichi and Akune who Yubaru quickly gives up on.

As if all hope was lost, Shiranui appears, looking for Zenkichi as Yubaru realizes she is the model he's been looking for and is able to paint his work and enter it into a contest. Afterwards, Medaka remarks on how Shiranui accomplished the request instead and took it as a defeat for the Student Council.

My Opinion
I enjoyed the first half way more than I did with the second. This is due to the first half focusing on Kikaijima’s character. I never thought that it was possible to make a scene with only two people in one room being awkward with each other but this episode made it work and it turned out so well.

She's cute this way.
Aside from the unusualness (is that even a word?) between Zenkichi and Kikaijima, the episode did really well with giving some insight on how Kikaijima ended up becoming the Treasurer without it taking up so much space while at the same time keeping it entertaining. Shiranui’s intervention was just the icing on the cake to get the awkwardness to go away.

The second half was okay. It was played for laughs but the character Yubaru, while I understand that he is an artist who does art for himself… he was one selfish guy.


Continuously being displeased with each of the characters until Shiranui stepped in. It felt to me that this episode was to help Shiranui get more spotlight which I don’t mind at all. In fact, it was hilarious when it was her  and not the other girls that made Yubaru’s artistic mind run wild. When Yubaru said he needed a model, he probably meant he needed someone that wasn’t too well figured. If he had said that, the events of the second half would not have happened.

I just don't understand the appeal, you guys.
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