Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anime Reviews: Medaka Box Episode 05 - Win Your Earnings!

Plot Summary
With too many clubs requesting budget increases, the Sandbox Academy Student Council finds itself in a bind with which clubs they should give money to. In order to better handle their money, the Student Council realize that they need a treasurer. As Akune suggests using a social event to better distribute the money to a single club, Zenkichi brings up a request asking for the new school pool that was built to be used. Medaka decides to use the school pool to host a aqua club meet so that one of the participating clubs have a chance to earn prize money for their club.

You sure didn't mind going to a lot of them a while ago.
While preparing for the Inter-Club Aquatic Meet, Zenkichi speaks with Shiranui regarding three students in Team Special from the swim team who care only about earning prize money. The meet goes off without a hitch but Zenkichi remembers about the swim team that Shiranui told him about who have yet to show up.

The first event is underwater ball-basket in which the participants must all dive down to to the bottom of the pool to get as many of balls as they can into their club's respective basket. To make the event more fun, Medaka makes the Student Council join in and declares that the one club that is able to place highest than the Student Council will earn triple the earnings. This makes all of the clubs present even more willing to participate.

The clubs all soon realize that despite all the simple rules, they forgot to take into account how deep the pool was. Medaka stuns all of the club members with her impeccable skills. At the end, there are a number of clubs tied for highest. However, the true winners were the swim team as they were able to finish first before even the Student Council. Medaka realizes that they had won through risking their own lives, all for the prize money.

My Opinion
There is one thing I learned from this episode that I should have been mindful of from the start: Always expect something more amazing out of Medaka. 

It did look like the first event would be simple enough but then I had been too invested in the episode to notice that it was far more than it was. Which would mean that the episode was entertaining enough to watch.
Should have seen this coming...
Like Medaka, I also felt bothered about how the three members of the swim team, Yakushima, Tanegashima, and Kikaijima were all too willing to risk their lives over winning the prize money. But in a way, I have to somewhat admire their selfishness. To be able to put out enough even to harm themselves to get what they want is something I could never do.

All for one yen.
It has already been five episodes and I would like to point out that Medaka has gone through a total of six different outfits, her initial Student Council uniform included. Not to mention the sound effects put into the movements of her upper and lower body. I should remind myself that this is Gainax animating and adapting the series but they appear to be having quite a bit of fun with this. I wonder if the mangakas of the original series may be involved with this as well?

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